Board of Directors

Board President

MG Gretchen Dunkleberger (Ret.)


                                                      Board Members

Brig. Gen. Robert Dastin (Ret.)

MSG Mike Lopez (Ret.) 

CSM Mike Rice (Ret.)

LTC Vic Rogers (Ret.)

Curt Lenz

COL Gerry Boyle (Ret.)

BG Steve Curry (Ret.)

CSM Dave Follansbee (Ret.)

SECRETARY - CMSgt Dick Dolbec (Ret.)

CDR Dave Kenney (Ret.)

TREASURER - Pam Cooper

MSG Stuart Lord (Ret.)

Brig.Gen. Chick Smith (Ret.)




Establishment and maintenance of the New Hampshire State Veterans Cemetery as a dignified, final resting place which honors all veterans and eligible dependents and reflects the State’s pride and gratitude for their service to the State and Nation.

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